Cloud CMA Joins Zillow Tech Connect Program

Consumers requesting information on properties found on Zillow get a fully branded, personalized Cloud CMA neighborhood analysis instantly on behalf of Zillow Premier Agent®.

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA (March 6, 2015) - Software company, W&R Studios, just announced today that their flagship product Cloud CMA will now be part of the Zillow® Tech Connect program. Zillow Tech Connect allows agents to connect tools that will help them better connect and manage their Zillow leads. With over 128,000 active users, Cloud CMA has gained popularity amongst agents, brokers, and MLS systems nationwide.

Cloud CMA is an innovative reporting tool that creates beautiful reports such as Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) reports, buyer tours, and property reports for agents. Listing data is pulled directly from the MLS which ensures that information is accurate and up-to-date. Agents who subscribe to both Cloud CMA and Zillow are now able to connect the two giving them a competitive advantage over other Zillow Premier Agents® .

“Today’s consumers want instant gratification, they’re expecting agents to respond quickly to their inquiries on Zillow. It’s like magic!” stated Greg Robertson, co-founder of W&R Studios, the creators of Cloud CMA. “So not only does Cloud CMA respond on the agents behalf instantly, it really ‘wows’ the prospect when they get such a comprehensive report within minutes. We’re excited to partner with Zillow and further help our mutual customers succeed," continued Mr. Robertson.

When a consumer inquires about listing information from an agent on Zillow, a branded Cloud CMA neighborhood analysis report will automatically be sent to their inbox within minutes. Cloud CMA will then notify the agent that they have received a lead from Zillow with the link to the auto-generated Cloud CMA report that was sent to their lead. The partnering of the two softwares ensures that consumers will gain a seamless experience from agents who utilize Zillow Tech Connect.

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About W&R Studios

Founded in 2008, W&R Studios ( is a privately held web software company co-founded by Dan Woolley and Greg Robertson.  W&R Studios focuses on creating simple yet focused web applications for the real estate industry.  By utilizing a “less is more” approach to software design, elegant user interfaces, and the latest in agile programming, W&R Studios’ software applications are powerful, yet accessible.  W&R Studios’ products include Cloud CMA ( Cloud Streams (

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