You are Gonna Love the New Enhancements in Cloud CMA!

While getting ready for the National Association of REALTORS Conference and EXPO we were working very hard to finish up some enhancements to debut at the show.  We think you are going to like them!

1.  You Name It!

We've been noticing in the Cloud CMA Twitter feed that agents are using Cloud CMA reports for more than their intended purposes.

That gave us the idea,  let's give you the ability to name the report whatever you want.  Here are the details:

Users will be able to choose or create their own custom headline on the cover page of all reports.  Currently, the headlines read "Comparative Market Analysis", "Buyer Tour", and "Property Report".  On the Customize step, users can change those to instead create an "Open House Tour", a "Neighborhood Market Analysis", a "Neighborhood Homes For Sale", or a "Property Profile" for example.  There's a drop down list labeled "Cover page headline", with a list of suggested headlines.  The last choice is 'Type your own text' to allow a totally custom headline.

Now the headline on the cover page of the report will match how you want to use your report!  We think this will be a big hit and increase the versatility of all Cloud CMA reports!

2.  Updated content.

Some of the content in Cloud CMA needed a little upgrading.  Pages such as, "What Is A CMA?",  "The Homebuying Process", etc.   So we hired professional real estate writer Blanche Evans to re-write all Cloud CMA static pages with fresh new content.  As an award-winning journalist, Blanche has been named one of the "25 Most Influential People In Real Estate" by REALTOR Magazine, and twice recognized as one of the industry's most "Notables."  Known for her keen insight into real estate industry issues and for her ability to make complex subjects easy to understand for consumers and professionals alike, Blanche is the author of five best-selling real estate books.

We are thrilled to be working with Blanche and the results are remarkable.  Now all the content is fresh, and has a single voice.  We think you'll love the improvements, so go check them out.

3.  20 pages of NEW content added!

We loved the work Blanche did for us with our existing content we asked her to write 20 new pages of content for both the CMA and Buyer Tour reports.  The content is perfect for today's real estate market.  Here's a list of the new pages.


Features that sell

Selling your home in a tough market

Negotiating with Buyers

How to buy a foreclosure

What is a short sale?

What buyers should expect in a short sale

Should you buy an REO?

Online home values and your home

How CMAs can vary

CMAs vs Appraisals

Buyer Tour:

Why buyers need their own real estate agent

What are your homebuying goals?

Should you wait to buy a home?

How to decide which home to buy

Which is better - lower price or lower interest rate

Your down payment

How long do you plan to stay?

What is seller staging hiding from you?

Get a home inspection

Making an offer


Three big enhancements that put you way ahead of the competition.  We hope you like what we've been working on.  And remember there is no additional charge for these enhancements.  Enjoy!

Sales Are Looking Up!



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